It's time to harness angry feminist energy and inject it into welfare policy

hen women turned out in record numbers to protest the ascension of Donald Trump, many marchers raised wider issues about the lack of progress to real equality. The Sydney march was bigger than anything else I’ve seen for many years and, like the others, was diverse including many men and children, not just the usual suspects.

Author and academic Eva Cox in the Saturday Paper

A small card dangles from sticky tape on her front door, on which her name is scrawled in swift cursive: Eva Cox. Inside the house, tacked to one of the bookshelves that line the narrow hallway, is a fabric poster. In bright red lettering it reads: FEMMO – STIRRING THE PENIS POT. Bustling around her cluttered kitchen, Eva jams the bunch of lavender I’ve brought into a glass jug. “I love lavender,” she says, and I agree. She fetches napkins and a knife for the cake.

Eva Cox: The feminist scorecard and how Gillard and Abbott rate

Recently, debates about policies have disappeared under an avalanche of sexist, misogynist nonsense and the commentary on it. Please note, I continue to oppose the abhorrent gender-based attacks on the Prime Minister, but see these as separate from the policy stuff. So let's shift the focus back on what is done or on offer.

PM's rhetoric not matched by gender action

JULIA Gillard is cheapening a worthy cause by attempting to politicise gender, according to prominent feminists who pointed to the Labor government's murky record on the issue. In the Australian

More stupid government claims refuted

Is Bill Shorten sincere about addressing changes to a welfare system "so stupid" that it can't support payments for sole parents? Eva Cox suggests that the policy itself is what's causing the grief

Income Management coming to a place near you: Bankstown, Sydney

Women are more likely than men to need Government income support. In particular, solo women with young children may be out of paid work as suitable jobs and good employers are rare.


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