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An 800,000-plus jobs gap between ‘welfare to work’ and reality

The major missing factor in debates on cutting welfare spending – as has been flagged by social services minister Kevin Andrews – is the limited and falling demand for labour. Labour market figures give the lie to the need to target working-age payment recipients as the issue.

The problem is not supply-side inadequacies but the demand for labour: there are far too few jobs on offer.

Smarter budget cuts? Government to target the usual suspects

With the federal budget in the next week, there is the usual jockeying for headlines by various groups. The interest groups include those who want more for their constituency and those who are scared they may lose some benefits or privileges. It seems that the more powerful the groups are, the less likely they are to have their government support cut.

Low Income Earners Cough Up For The Coalition

The Coalition is revoking a superannuation concession introduced last year to help low income earners. Would you believe it, most of the recipients are mums working part time.

No Pay Rise For Low Pay Care Jobs

Tony Abbott wants to cut subsidised pay rises for aged care and child care workers. If he does, underpaid workers will continue to leave the industry or live in poverty.

How our super steals from the poor to give to the rich

Yes, they can be upsetting and distressing. But anti-abortion protesters have as much right to demonstrate outside a clinic as anyone else — that’s what free speech is.

Let’s acknowledge Abbott’s parental leave plan is better

A campaign to stop planned cuts to sole parent payments is aiming at the government’s vulnerable underbelly in its bid for a UN Security Council seat. Harming Australia’s image may be justified.

Abbott Will Cut Deeper Than The ALP

Neither the ALP nor the Coalition are giving the voter who cares about social fairness - not just jobs and money - much to go on

Is Anyone Thinking Seriously About Welfare?

Thanks to some strategic leaks, we know Wayne Swan will announce changes to welfare tonight. They're nothing more than minor sops to calm the backbenches

Women Let Down By ALP Super Policy

Women find themselves with less superannuation than men on retirement - and in some cases none. Low-income earners often can't afford a 12 per cent contribution. How equitable is the system


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