Warehouse Design and Management for HVAC Inventory with Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC

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In this article, we will discuss the process of designing and managing a warehouse for HVAC inventory in collaboration with Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC. We will delve into the steps taken to organize their warehouse, create recommended stock templates, and implement a weekly inventory management process. By following these guidelines, Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC was able to efficiently manage their inventory, streamline the ordering process, and optimize their warehouse space.


Platinum Plumbing and Heating has experienced significant growth, expanding from a plumbing service provider to include HVAC services. With this expansion, they began encountering challenges in managing their warehouse efficiently. To address this issue, they partnered with HVAC manager Andrew, who specializes in ductless mini-split systems, notably the Fujitsu systems.

Collaborative Efforts

The process began by building a relationship with Andrew and understanding their specific inventory requirements. Recognizing the need for organization and efficiency, the team at Platinum Plumbing and Heating reached out to Frank Delphis, who oversees operations and management. Frank, with his extensive experience in outside sales, was brought in to support this undertaking.

Warehouse Teardown and Recommended Stock Templates

The first step was to assess the existing warehouse setup. Frank and Andrew performed a complete teardown of the warehouse to identify areas that needed improvement. They then collaboratively developed two essential resources: a recommended service stock template and a recommended install stock template.

The recommended service stock template comprised a list of products currently in use, as well as those anticipated for future use. Andrew carefully reviewed the document, selecting the necessary items. The aim was to consolidate the inventory and arrange it in neatly organized bins. Each item was assigned a unique Johnstone part number barcode to facilitate the ordering process.

Weekly Inventory Management Process

With the warehouse now organized and stocked, the team established a weekly inventory management process. Andrew, with his expertise in HVAC inventory, took the lead in overseeing this task. Each Friday morning, Andrew would log into the Johnstone online app called “Oh a touch” to access their e-commerce capabilities.

Using the quick order pad feature, Andrew would scan the barcodes of the products using a barcode scanner. This would display the inventory levels for each item. For example, if the desired inventory level for a specific item was six to eight units, but only five were present, Andrew would place an order for three units to bring it up to the maximum level.

This approach allowed for flexibility in managing inventory levels, reducing the need for large weekly orders. It also provided financial benefits by spreading out the expenses. By conducting a thorough walkthrough of the warehouse, Andrew ensured that each item was properly stocked and ready for use.


By implementing this warehouse design and management process with Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC, the team achieved optimal organization, efficiency, and inventory control. The collaboration between Andrew, Frank Delphis, and the entire team at Platinum Plumbing and Heating resulted in a streamlined and smoothly functioning warehouse.

Managing inventory levels and utilizing barcode technology not only simplified the ordering process but also facilitated accurate tracking of stock. The weekly inventory management process helped maintain optimal inventory levels and avoid unnecessary stockouts or overstocking.

Overall, the partnership with Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC exemplifies the benefits of effective warehouse design and management in the HVAC industry. By optimizing their warehouse operations, they were able to provide better service to their customers, improve financial management, and ensure smoother day-to-day operations.

With the implementation of these strategies, Platinum Plumbing, Heating and AC stands as an example of the importance of efficient warehouse design and management in the HVAC industry.