The Best Lead Generation Strategy for 2023 (Tutorial): A Comprehensive Guide

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Lead generation is a vital aspect of any business, as it involves generating potential customers or leads who may be interested in purchasing your products or services. In this article, we will explore an effective lead generation strategy that will help you generate hundreds of qualified B2B leads in just a few minutes. This strategy is applicable to any niche or location, making it accessible to businesses of all kinds.

The Manual Approach: Utilizing Google Maps

When starting a business with a limited budget, manual lead generation is an excellent option. Using Google Maps can be a powerful tool in finding potential leads. Let’s use the example of aesthetic clinics to demonstrate how this method works.

  1. Type in the relevant keyword for your industry on Google Maps. For this example, we will use “aesthetics clinics.”

  2. Google Maps will provide you with a list of relevant companies in your chosen niche. Take your time to work through this list, visiting each website, and gathering relevant information such as first name, last name, title, company name, website, email, and phone number.

  3. While exploring each website, visit the “About Us” page to identify the decision maker within the company. Make note of their name, as this will be important when you reach out to them.

  4. Create a spreadsheet (such as Google Sheets) to organize and store the gathered information. Ensure that each entry includes all relevant details.

  5. Continuously work through the list, focusing on qualified businesses. If you cannot find the decision maker on the website’s “About” page, try searching for the business name and owner on LinkedIn or other platforms.

By following this manual approach, you can generate leads in just five minutes per lead. It is crucial to complete all lead generation activities in one sitting before reaching out to them.

The Automated Approach: Utilizing

For those with more experience and a budget to spare, utilizing automation tools like can significantly streamline the lead generation process. scours websites and platforms like LinkedIn to find decision makers in relevant companies. Here’s how you can harness its power:

  1. Sign up for and log into the platform.

  2. Use the search function to find people based on specific criteria. For example, if your target audience is aesthetics clinics in the United Kingdom, you can filter the search by job titles, location, company size, and industry keywords.

  3. After applying the necessary filters, will generate a list of potential leads. This list includes valuable information such as company names and contact names.

  4. Before reaching out to these leads, ensure that each entry is a qualified lead for your business. Open each website in a new tab and confirm that they meet your criteria.

  5. Once you have the finalized list of qualified leads, you can export it from and upload it into your preferred program (such as Google Sheets) for further organization and management.

By utilizing and its automation capabilities, you can generate large lists of leads in just a few minutes, saving you time and effort compared to the manual approach.

Enhancing Lead Qualification: Enriching Leads with Mobile Numbers

When pursuing lead generation, it is essential to have multiple contact options for potential leads. While email is commonly used, reaching out to business owners via their mobile phones can be more effective. Finding mobile numbers manually is time-consuming, so it is recommended to hire someone to handle this task for you.

  1. Export your list of qualified leads from or any other lead generation tool.

  2. Hire a lead generation specialist from platforms like Fiverr to enrich your leads with mobile numbers. Clearly provide instructions on the job requirements, such as finding mobile numbers for each lead.

  3. The lead generation specialist will search the internet to find mobile numbers for the listed business owners. They may be based in third-world countries, making their services more affordable for you.

  4. Paying a small fee of around 30-50 cents per qualified mobile number can save you time and effort.

By enriching your leads with mobile numbers, you increase the chances of successful contact, particularly for cold calling purposes.

Outsourcing and Expanding Lead Generation Efforts

As your business grows, consider outsourcing lead generation tasks to specialists. If you are starting with a limited budget, hiring someone on a freelance platform like Fiverr can help generate quality leads in exchange for a reasonable fee. By doing so, you can focus on other aspects of your business while ensuring a consistent flow of leads.

Another option is to utilize lead scraping services on Fiverr. You can provide a list of specific websites related to your target industry and have the lead scraper generate leads based on your requirements. This option avoids the need for expensive lead generation tools and allows you to start generating leads without much effort.

Remember to choose lead generation specialists with positive reviews to ensure the quality and accuracy of the leads they generate for you.


Generating leads is an essential aspect of running a successful business. Whether you prefer the manual approach using Google Maps or intend to automate the process with tools like, there are various strategies at your disposal. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can generate a considerable number of qualified B2B leads in just a few minutes. Additionally, outsourcing lead generation tasks to specialists or utilizing lead scraping services can further enhance your lead generation efforts. Start implementing these strategies today to ensure a steady flow of potential customers for your business.

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