Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund Portfolio: A Comprehensive Breakdown for 2021

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In this article, we will dive into Akshat Shrivastava’s mutual fund portfolio in a transparent and detailed manner. Akshat Shrivastava, a highly opportunistic and macro convection oriented investor, shares his key learnings and strategies to help others achieve better results in their own investment journeys. He emphasizes the importance of passive investing and highlights the significant role of macroeconomic factors in shaping the stock market. Moreover, he reveals that he invests most of his money directly in stocks, leveraging market opportunities. Let’s explore his portfolio and understand his investment strategies in depth.

Key Points

1. Akshat Shrivastava’s Investment Approach

Akshat Shrivastava prides himself on being an opportunistic investor. He prefers direct stock investments over mutual funds, allowing him to cut losses or book profits promptly. He is a macro-convection oriented investor, which means he places great importance on macroeconomics and believes it significantly impacts the stock market. While he acknowledges the value of fundamental and technical analysis, macroeconomic factors take precedence in his investment decisions.

2. Akshat Shrivastava’s Mutual Fund Portfolio

Akshat Shrivastava’s mutual fund portfolio is a smaller portion of his overall investment holdings. While he invests most of his money in direct equities, he strategically allocates funds to mutual funds that align with his market convictions. One of his significant holdings is the NSE Nifty 50 Index Fund, reflecting his bullish stance on the Indian stock market. He also holds other index funds, such as the DSP Nifty 50 Fund. These investments are relatively recent, with an average lifespan of less than a year, proving the dynamism of his portfolio.

3. Passive Investing vs. Active Investing

Akshat Shrivastava is a firm proponent of passive investing compared to active investing in mutual funds. Passive investing involves investing in index funds that replicate the performance of an index, such as the BSE Sensex or Nifty 50. In contrast, active investing relies on a fund manager’s discretion to actively buy and sell stocks. Akshat prefers passive investing for several reasons. Firstly, it aligns with his opportunistic investment approach, allowing him to make quick decisions based on market conditions. Secondly, passive funds have lower expense ratios, translating to lower fees for investors. Lastly, passive funds offer greater flexibility to exit positions without incurring penalties compared to active funds.

4. Timing the Market and Selling Strategies

As a macro-investor, Akshat Shrivastava closely monitors market trends and dynamics. He believes that timing the market is crucial to maximizing returns. For instance, he plans to sell his Nifty 50 holdings soon, as he believes it has reached its peak. Through technical analysis, he identifies key resistance levels, such as the recent breach of 18,800 on the Nifty 50 chart. These levels inform his selling decisions and help him navigate the market effectively.

5. Mutual Fund Performance

Despite the market’s sideways movements over the past year and a half, Akshat Shrivastava’s mutual fund portfolio has generated a commendable return of around 11.5%. This performance demonstrates his ability to outperform the market and beat many other investors. However, he remains humble, acknowledging that there are investors who may have achieved even better results.


Akshat Shrivastava’s mutual fund portfolio reflects his opportunistic and macro-investing approach. By strategically allocating funds to both direct equities and mutual funds, he maximizes his investment opportunities while actively managing risks. His preference for passive investing aligns with his investment philosophy, offering a cost-effective and flexible approach to investment management. As he continues to analyze market trends and dynamics, he makes timely decisions to optimize his portfolio. While his portfolio has performed well, he recognizes the diversity of outcomes among investors. By sharing his strategies and insights, Akshat Shrivastava aims to empower others to achieve better results in their investment journeys.

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