Home Renovation Leads: How We Generated $40k in 17 Days using Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels

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In this article, we will discuss a case study of a client in the home renovation space and how we were able to generate $40k in just 17 days using Facebook ads and sales funnels. Home renovation projects typically have a high average order value, making them ideal clients for lead generation strategies. We will go through the step-by-step process of how we achieved these results and provide valuable insights into the key points of the campaign.

Setting Up Appointment Tracking

Our client, Rohan from Profile Cabinetry, launched his campaign on March 1st. To drive qualified leads, we utilized Facebook advertising and targeted homeowners and people who recently moved. By using appointment tracking and the Calendly scheduling tool, we were able to book appointments with potential customers. This ensured that we were only attracting high-quality leads who were genuinely interested in home renovation services.

Tracking Results and Optimizing the Campaign

Tracking the results of our campaign allowed us to assess its performance and make necessary optimizations. In the early days of the campaign, we booked one appointment with a minimal ad spend of 23 CAD. The following day, there were no appointments booked, but we knew that this was a normal fluctuation. On March 3rd, we saw a significant improvement with two appointments booked for a total ad spend of 25 CAD. The cost per appointment decreased from an average of 23 CAD to just 12.5 CAD, indicating the effectiveness of our targeting and nurturing strategies.

Understanding the Appointment Process

The appointments we booked were for various home renovation projects, including bathroom, kitchen, and basement renovations. Our ads targeted individuals in Ontario, where our client operates, and encouraged them to commit to in-person meetings at their residential homes. During these appointments, our client’s team would analyze the project and provide a quote to the potential customer. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, all appointments were conducted in person to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy in quoting.

Key Elements of Successful Ads

Our ads were designed to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of our target audience. We focused on long-form copy that highlighted the benefits of choosing our client’s services. The copy was accompanied by visually appealing creatives that showcased the end result of a home renovation project. By using a combination of different ad types and targeting strategies, we maximized our reach and engagement.

Creating an Effective Landing Page

To drive conversions, we created a dedicated landing page where potential customers could schedule their appointments. This landing page featured testimonials, case studies, and Google reviews to build trust and credibility. By providing a seamless booking experience and following up with email and SMS sequences, we ensured that the leads were properly nurtured and encouraged to show up for their appointments.

Tracking and Reporting

Our client had access to a user-friendly dashboard where they could monitor the performance of their campaign. They could view their Facebook reporting, track their appointments, and analyze their opportunities. This transparency allowed them to make informed decisions and see the progress of their lead generation efforts.

Scaling the Strategy

As the campaign progressed, our client started closing deals and generating revenue. With a close rate of 30% from the 28 appointments generated in a month, they were able to secure eight closed deals. While the average home renovation project value varied, conservative estimates put it at $15,000 per project. With eight projects closed, this translated to $120k in revenue. As the campaign continues and optimizations are made, the potential for even higher revenue becomes evident.


By leveraging Facebook ads and implementing an effective sales funnel, we were able to generate $40k in just 17 days for our home renovation client. The key to success was targeting the right audience, delivering compelling ad copy and creatives, and providing a seamless appointment booking process. By consistently tracking, optimizing, and refining our campaign, we were able to achieve outstanding results. If you are in the home renovation space and looking to generate leads, we highly recommend deploying this strategy to maximize your revenue potential.