Dream Salary Package in India vs. Good Package in Germany: A Comprehensive Comparison

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In the age of social media and online content, it is common to come across videos and articles comparing salary packages in different countries. However, many of them lack accuracy and thorough research. In this article, we will provide a detailed and reliable comparison of salary packages in India and Germany. We will explore the average starting salaries in both countries, as well as dream packages, which refer to exceptionally high-paying jobs with attractive allowances and compensations. It is important to note that these figures are subject to variations across different industries. We will also analyze the impact of taxes on the net income in both countries, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each system. Finally, we will present real-life perspectives from individuals who have faced the choice between a dream package in India and a good package in Germany.

Average Starting Salary

The average starting salary in India ranges from three to six lakh rupees per year, depending on the industry and job role. On the other hand, in Germany, the average starting salary falls between 44,000 to 48,000 Euros per year. While these figures are just averages and may differ based on various factors, they provide a general idea of the salary scales in both countries.

Cost to Company (CTC)

In India, salaries are often presented as the Cost to Company (CTC), which includes various components such as allowances, bonuses, provident funds, and variable pay. However, it is important to note that the CTC is not the same as the in-hand salary. Deductions, such as income tax, are applied to arrive at the net income. For instance, a package of 5 lakhs would yield an in-hand monthly salary of approximately 36,000 Indian rupees, considering the new tax regime in India.

In Germany, income tax and social contributions are deducted from the salary. For example, with a starting salary of 44,000 Euros per year, after taxes, the net income would be around 28,926 Euros. While it may seem baffling to pay such high taxes, it is important to consider the benefits provided by the German system, including healthcare and basic daily life amenities.

Dream Salary Packages

Dream salary packages represent the highest paying jobs in both countries. In India, the dream salary ranges around 25 lakhs per year, whereas in Germany, it can reach up to 120,000 Euros per year. It is worth noting that these salaries are among the highest attainable in their respective countries, indicating a substantial income level.

Taxation in India and Germany

Taxes play a crucial role in determining the net income received by individuals in both countries. In Germany, the tax rates are considerably higher. For example, with a gross salary of 120,000 Euros per year, the net income after deductions would amount to approximately 69,000 Euros.

In India, the taxation system is complex, with multiple components and deductions under various sections. The net income for an individual with a CTC of 25 lakhs per year would amount to approximately 15 lakhs after all the deductions and taxes. It is essential to understand that these figures represent the total income earned after deductions and may differ from the initial promised package.

Perspectives from Individuals

To gain a better understanding of the decision-making process, we reached out to individuals who have faced the choice between a dream package in India or a good package in Germany. The responses varied, taking into account personal preferences and priorities.

Some individuals expressed a preference to stay in India due to factors such as familiarity, convenience, and lower cost of living. They emphasized the value of being able to adapt to any Indian city and the availability of household help, which might not be as prevalent in Germany.

Conversely, others considered the higher salary potential in Germany and the overall better quality of life offered. They highlighted the importance of providing for their loved ones and enjoying a higher standard of living even if it meant relocating to a foreign country.


Choosing between a dream salary package in India and a good package in Germany is a personal decision influenced by multiple factors. While India offers a lower cost of living and other conveniences, Germany boasts higher salaries, better social benefits, and enhanced quality of life. It is crucial to weigh these factors against personal priorities and aspirations. Ultimately, individuals must choose what aligns with their goals and ensures their overall happiness and well-being.

For further information on studying or working in Germany, we have provided free PDF resources in the description, which can help you kick-start your journey to a successful career. Remember, making an informed decision involves understanding the nitty-gritty details rather than succumbing to unrealistic dreams or incomplete comparisons.