Related Sites


These sites are all related networks helping develop a more civil society

More Civil Society Network The network is for actions and advocacy information, putting it all together to form a more civil society. Site to provide e-lists round up on material from other sites
Women's Equity Think Tank This is a network for planning and developing ideas for a more civil society, for those with a feminist perspective Please register if you are interested in joining the email list, or any sub network that we will develop based on interest. 
The Dinner Party This is a network for thinking it through, collecting ways and ideas for achieving a more civil society. Register here to set up your own discussion groups and join the network
What's Working is a collection of evidence on what is and has worked in Indigenous communities, and what is not working now. Things are changing in society and people need to be allowed to control this process for themselves 
Eva Cox' Blog This web site is a collection of articles and musings by Eva Cox.