TODES STRAHL TNT in MINECRAFT: Exploring New Explosive Options

YouTube video


Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, is known for its endless possibilities and creative gameplay. One of the exciting elements of Minecraft is the ability to use different types of explosives, including TNT, to create unique and devastating effects. In this article, we will delve into a YouTube video by Benx where he explores a variety of new TNT options with his friend Elina. We will take a detailed look at each type of TNT they use, the effects they produce, and the overall experience. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the explosive world of Minecraft!

Exploring New TNT Varieties

In the video, Benx introduces a range of new TNT options that he and Elina are going to test. These TNT varieties are divided into different categories, including standard, god, Pompeii, and more. Let’s break down each category and the corresponding TNT options:

1. Standard TNT

The standard TNT options are the basic explosives that you would typically find in Minecraft. Benx and Elina start by testing these standard TNT varieties to set the baseline for their explosive experiments.

2. God TNT

The god TNT category introduces powerful explosives that are stronger and more destructive than the standard TNT. Benx and Elina want to see the impact these god TNT options have in Minecraft.

3. Pompeii TNT

The Pompeii TNT options are inspired by the volcanic eruption of Pompeii. Benx and Elina are curious to see how these explosives mimic the destructive force of a volcanic eruption.

4. Other TNT Varieties

Besides the god and Pompeii TNT, Benx and Elina also explore different types of explosives, including Poseidon’s Wave, Lucky God, and Chicxulub. They are excited to see the unique effects these variations produce.

Testing the TNT

As Benx and Elina test each TNT variety, they observe the explosions and gauge their power and effects. They continue to a deeper level in Minecraft to see how far-reaching the explosions are and how they affect the environment. Throughout the testing, they share their insights, reactions, and tips with the viewers. Let’s dive into their experience with a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Standard TNT Testing

Benx and Elina start by detonating the standard TNT options. They measure the destructiveness and range of these explosives and take note of their impacts.

2. Exploring God TNT

Next, they move on to the god TNT category, which promises more power. They want to see if these explosives live up to the expectations and how they compare to the standard TNT.

3. Unleashing Pompeii TNT

Curious about the effects of Pompeii TNT, Benx and Elina ignite these explosives to witness the simulated volcanic eruption. They examine the destructiveness and depth of the explosions caused by these TNT options.

4. Other TNT Experiments

In addition to the aforementioned categories, they also explore Poseidon’s Wave, Lucky God, and Chicxulub TNT. These variations present unique effects and characteristics, keeping the testing experience diverse and exciting.

The Impact of the Explosions

Throughout the video, Benx and Elina analyze the impact of each explosion. They observe how deep the explosions go, how far-reaching they are, and whether they cause any visual or environmental changes. They share their reactions and thoughts on each explosion, making the video engaging and informative.

Observations and Findings

As they progress through their TNT experiments, Benx and Elina make several interesting observations:

  1. The range and destructiveness of god TNT are noticeably more powerful than standard TNT.
  2. Pompeii TNT accurately simulates the effects of a volcanic eruption, emitting ash and smoke.
  3. Poseidon’s Wave, Lucky God, and Chicxulub TNT showcase unique and surprising characteristics.
  4. Some TNT variations, like Lucky God, have color-coded explosions, adding visual variety to the gameplay experience.


In this YouTube video, Benx and Elina explore a variety of new TNT options in Minecraft. From the standard TNT to god TNT, Pompeii TNT, and more, they test different explosives and observe their effects. Through their experimentation, they provide insights and reactions to each explosion, making the video entertaining and informative for viewers. Minecraft players looking to add some explosive fun to their gameplay might find inspiration from this video. So grab your TNT, ignite the fuse, and embark on your own adventure in the explosive world of Minecraft!