ICH WERDE 2000 JAHRE ALT in Roblox: Exploring the Time Travel Tycoon

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In this article, we will be diving into the world of Roblox and exploring the Time Travel Tycoon game. This game takes players on an exciting journey through various time periods, starting from the Stone Age to ancient Greece. With the goal of collecting artifacts and advancing through different epochs, players must strategize and build their bases while fending off opponents and natural disasters. Join us as we uncover the key points and steps in this thrilling adventure.

Building the Stone Age Base

The game starts in the Stone Age, where players must gather resources and build their base. The first step is to collect ten artifacts, which can be earned by defeating opponents and participating in fights. Players start with a simple wooden stick, but as they defeat more enemies, they can unlock weapons like the slingshot and the ax. These weapons are crucial for winning battles and acquiring more artifacts.

The Importance of Artifacts

Artifacts play a significant role in the Time Travel Tycoon game. Each artifact represents a historical item from a specific era, adding a sense of realism and educational value to the game. Players can learn interesting facts about each artifact, such as the Bone Lock, a rib bone from a mastodon that is approximately 14,000 years old. By collecting all the artifacts, players can unlock new time periods and progress in the game.

Expanding Into the Middle Ages

Once players have collected the required number of artifacts, they can advance to the Middle Ages. This era introduces new challenges and opportunities. Players must continue to build their base, gathering resources and recruiting soldiers. The Middle Ages bring more powerful opponents, but also better weapons and armor. Upgrading weapons like the bronze sword and acquiring defensive equipment like a helmet and armor are crucial for survival and victory.

Journeying Through Antiquity

The next stage in the game is Antiquity, which takes players to ancient Greece. Players will encounter new opponents and must strategically defeat them to progress. Upgrading weapons and building a fortified base becomes even more essential in this era. As players delve deeper into history, they will learn about significant inventions and concepts from ancient times. For example, the first known currency, the Mesopotamian skull, originated in antiquity.

Exploring Ancient Civilizations

The game provides opportunities for players to learn about various ancient civilizations. From the early use of wheelbarrows across different regions to the lyre, a musical instrument used in ancient Greece, players are exposed to a wealth of historical knowledge. Discovering these artifacts and their historical significance adds an educational aspect to the game, making it more engaging and immersive.

Challenges and Rewards

Throughout the game, players will face challenges such as opponents, natural disasters like sandstorms, and the need to gather resources. However, each challenge presents an opportunity for players to earn rewards. These rewards can include new weapons, armor, or resources that help players progress further in the game. It is essential for players to strategize and manage their resources efficiently to overcome these challenges successfully.


The Time Travel Tycoon game in Roblox offers an exciting and educational experience for players. By collecting artifacts from different eras and building their bases, players journey through time, learning about history and ancient civilizations. With each era comes new challenges and opportunities, making the game engaging and immersive. Whether it’s defeating opponents, upgrading weapons, or exploring historical facts, players are sure to have a thrilling adventure in the Time Travel Tycoon. So join in the fun and see how far you can travel through time!