How to Maximize Your Earnings as a Mortgage Broker – Free Mortgage Broker Training

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Are you a loan officer or a real estate professional who is curious about the mortgage broker side of the industry? Do you want to know if the grass is greener on the other side? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we will be discussing the exciting news about free mortgage broker training offered by CoLAB Lending – a mortgage brokerage that has been helping home buyers and owners save money with lower rates and fees. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or simply explore new opportunities, becoming a mortgage broker may be the right move for you.

The Benefits of Being a Mortgage Broker

As an owner of a mortgage brokerage, Megan Marsh understands the benefits of being a mortgage broker firsthand. For close to 18 years, she has seen the advantages that come with this career path. Lower rates, lower fees, and the ability to help people get into homes or refinance their existing properties are some of the reasons why she loves being a mortgage broker. However, Marsh acknowledges that many loan officers and real estate professionals are hesitant to make the switch due to various misconceptions.

Overcoming the Fear of Starting a Brokerage

One of the main reasons why loan officers hesitate to become mortgage brokers is the fear of the unknown. They worry about not knowing where to start, how to start a brokerage, and what steps to take first. The lack of guidance and concrete answers can be overwhelming, deterring many from making the transition. Recognizing this sentiment, Marsh and her business partner took the initiative to create the Mortgage Broker Fast Track course.

Mortgage Broker Fast Track Course

The Mortgage Broker Fast Track course is specifically designed for loan officers and real estate professionals who want to open their own independent mortgage companies. This comprehensive course covers everything from licensing and building a team to choosing the right systems and marketing strategies. With over 45 lessons, checklists, resources, guides, and templates, this course provides the necessary tools to help individuals achieve incredible results in their mortgage brokerage journey.

The Importance of Ongoing Support

Understanding that learning doesn’t end with a course, CoLAB Lending is committed to offering ongoing support to individuals who want to delve deeper into the world of mortgage brokering. In the coming weeks, they will be introducing an extension to the Mortgage Broker Fast Track course, providing additional assistance to those who desire continuous guidance and mentorship. This ongoing support ensures that individuals are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the industry and achieve long-term success.

The Journey Begins: Free Mortgage Broker Training

For those who are still on the fence about becoming a mortgage broker, CoLAB Lending has a special treat in store. They will be hosting free weekly webinars, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, to address common questions and concerns. These webinars will cover topics such as the process of becoming a mortgage broker, the cost involved, compliance requirements, and hiring considerations. Taking advantage of this opportunity allows individuals to gain a better understanding of the mortgage broker’s role and determine if it aligns with their professional goals.

Register for the Exclusive Webinar

As a culmination of the free mortgage broker training series, CoLAB Lending will be hosting an hour-long webinar on August 31st. This webinar goes behind the scenes, providing in-depth information about the Mortgage Broker Fast Track course and its contents. If you’re eager to explore the course details and learn more about the benefits of becoming a mortgage broker, make sure to sign up for the free webinar on the CoLAB Lending website. Reserve your spot today to gain valuable insights and make an informed decision about your career.


If you’re a loan officer or a real estate professional seeking to maximize your earnings and gain more control over your business, becoming a mortgage broker could be the ideal choice for you. CoLAB Lending’s free mortgage broker training offers a comprehensive and practical guide to kickstart your career as an independent mortgage broker. With their expertise and support, you can overcome the challenges of starting a brokerage, build a successful team, and offer personalized solutions to your clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend the webinars and learn from industry experts. Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a rewarding journey as a mortgage broker. Sign up for the free training today and start maximizing your earnings in the mortgage industry!