A Breath of Relief! Billions of FTX Customer Funds Soon to be Saved? FTT Rises by 300% (Cryptocurrency News in German!)

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In this article, we will discuss the current state and future prospects of the insolvent crypto exchange FTX. The leadership of FTX is taking concrete steps to ensure the recovery of lost customer funds and bring back the popular exchange. We will cover the details of FTX’s restart process, potential investors, the involvement of creditors, rebranding plans, and the expected timeline for the completion of the new exchange. Additionally, we will explore the allegations of mismanagement and misuse of customer funds by the former management team. Finally, we will analyze the recent rise in the price of FTT, the native token of FTX, and its implications for the future of the exchange.

Concrete Steps Towards Restart

FTX, the insolvent crypto exchange, is currently under high pressure to restart its operations. The CEO, John Rey, has already started talks with potential buyers to secure funding for the restart. The company has held initial discussions with investors, including blockchain country, who have shown interest in participating in the process. However, no official statements have been made regarding the potential investors.

Involvement of Creditors in the New Crypto Exchange

It is expected that the current FTX creditors will play a role in the new crypto exchange. This development is seen as an interesting and positive change, as it ensures that the creditors have a stake in the revived exchange. This involvement is expected to increase the confidence of the creditors and attract new customers who are not deterred by the previous bankruptcy of FTX.

Rebranding to a New Name

One significant change in the restart process is the decision to adopt a completely different name for the new exchange. Instead of rebranding as FTX 2.0 or a similar variant, the leadership aims to create a new brand with a fresh identity. This decision aims to counteract the negative perception associated with the catastrophic end of the previous exchange. By adopting a new name, FTX can rebuild its reputation and attract new customers who are not affected by the previous events.

Customer Churn and Retention

Due to the previous bankruptcy and uncertainty surrounding FTX, it is expected that many existing customers will withdraw their funds from the exchange. This customer churn can be attributed to the fear that their funds may never be fully recovered. However, the purchase of FTX by potential investors comes with certain advantages. The new owners will not have to build a new exchange from scratch, as FTX already has a functioning infrastructure in place. Additionally, the regulatory environment may be more favorable for a rescued and revived exchange.

CEO’s Support for Revival

Since taking office, CEO John Rey has been a strong advocate for reviving FTX. He believes that a fresh start is the best way to ensure that the creditors receive the best possible outcome in terms of their repayments. The support from well-known financial figures, such as Capital, who led a $250 million fundraising campaign, further strengthens the revival plan.

Allegations of Mismanagement and Misuse of Funds

The recent court case filed by CEO John Rey alleged that the former management of FTX merged customer deposits with company funds and misused them. This revelation raises concerns about the improper segregation of client funds from corporate funds. The accounting practices were found to be messy, making it difficult to track the actual usage of clients’ funds. Former FTX executive, Daniel Friedberg, has been accused of hiding financial dealings and authorizing fraudulent transfers and loans.

FTT Price Surge and Investor Confidence

The native token of FTX, called FTT, has experienced a significant increase in price following the announcement of the company’s reorganization strategy. The price has risen by over 35% in the last 10 days, marking a turnaround after a sustained downtrend since the November stock market crash. This surge in FTT price indicates growing investor confidence in the potential revival of FTX. Investors believe that the restart plan will bring back significant cash funds and ensure the future prospects of the exchange.


In conclusion, the restart process of FTX is well underway, with talks initiated with potential investors. The involvement of creditors in the new exchange and the decision to rebrand with a fresh name bring renewed hope for FTX’s future prospects. However, allegations of mismanagement and the misuse of funds by the former management team have raised concerns about the transparency and accountability of the exchange. The recent rise in FTT price reflects growing investor confidence in the potential success of the restart plan. Whether FTX can regain the trust of investors and private customers and establish itself as a leading crypto exchange in the long term remains to be seen.