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The Major Parties' War On The Undeserving Poor

Punitive controls over welfare and cuts to payments have featured during Labor's time in office, because they agree with Abbott - poverty is caused by dysfunction, not exclusion.

Income management: more evidence-free policymaking?

It seems the Coalition will expand the compulsory income management scheme, which has little evidence backing up its worth.

For a brief moment, it looked as though the Coalition would be better than the ALP on welfare policy. It appeared that the new government would listen to evidence for policy changes in its newly retitled Social Services portfolio.

Eva Cox: The feminist scorecard and how Gillard and Abbott rate

Recently, debates about policies have disappeared under an avalanche of sexist, misogynist nonsense and the commentary on it. Please note, I continue to oppose the abhorrent gender-based attacks on the Prime Minister, but see these as separate from the policy stuff. So let's shift the focus back on what is done or on offer.

NT Labor counts the cost of federal and state indigenous policies


The ALP losses in the Northern Territory are fairly clearly related to Aboriginal rejection of their treatment – not just what was done to them, but how it was done.

Election 2013 Issues: Australians, one and all?

Welcome to the The Conversation’s Election 2013 State of the Nation essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as the nation heads to the polls. Today, we examine social inclusion, equality and addressing Indigenous disadvantage.

Northside Forum | Sydney, 6 July

WASH, RINSE, SPIN! Key political issues of the day without the spin…

Cox to Gillard: take gender distractions off the menu

Feminist scholar Eva Cox argues the Women for Gillard campaign is a divisive distraction — and the Prime Minister’s attacks on Tony Abbott over abortion are a “red herring”.

PM's rhetoric not matched by gender action

JULIA Gillard is cheapening a worthy cause by attempting to politicise gender, according to prominent feminists who pointed to the Labor government's murky record on the issue. In the Australian

Welfare and families: has Labor screwed over the poor?

Missing: true Labor values and an acceptance that structural barriers create poverty and disadvantage. It’s time for the ALP to stop blaming and short-changing individuals.


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