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Problems with pushing new coercive employment policies

Beware the welfare policy areas when we get bi-partisanship. Abbott, Gillard and Swan are all singing from the same songbook, that more people needed in the workforce. Coerce those on welfare, persecute those with disabilities, induce older workers, do whatever it takes to get more than a million extra people into the job market to fill the demands of the labour market.

Push for higher super contributions using women as stalking horse

Look carefully at who is pushing for the rise in super contributions to 12%. The clear beneficiaries will be the finance industry, union funds and high income males — but they’re using women as their stalking horse in a cynical argument for raising the level of compulsory contributions.

Welfare: government fails its social democracy obligations

This is not a Labor government budget in any serious sense. It does not take from the rich, except in very minor ways, and its redistributive tendencies are almost reversed. By talking interminably about jobs and the unemployed, the prime minister and treasurer disguise  the fact that the budget is all about the mining boom.

It’s possible to make every post (office) a winner

Australia Post is part of the fabric of Australian life. Through our people, products, services and community investment, we contribute to everyday life and business success across the nation. We are part of every day.”


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