Gillard’s preaching doesn’t offer salvation for unemployed

By citing lack of responsibility and no sense of obligation as their character flaws, Prime Minister Gillard grossly ignores the evidence that the problem with unemployment is as much, or maybe more, a demand side problem as the fault of the unfortunate supply side of underused labor.

Push for higher super contributions using women as stalking horse

Look carefully at who is pushing for the rise in super contributions to 12%. The clear beneficiaries will be the finance industry, union funds and high income males — but they’re using women as their stalking horse in a cynical argument for raising the level of compulsory contributions.

a centenary of continuous struggle for women

If I wanted an example of the misuse of feminism, it arrived this morning in a headline from the Herald Sun: “Influential women in push for super boost”. The article shows clearly how feminism is easily co-opted by blokey economics and why inequality between men and women was increasing and also between women.

major parties show their limits on women’s issues

At Parliament House Sydney last night — when the New South Wales government officially entered caretaker mode —   a theatrette had an almost totally female audience. There were three candidates on the stage, two of whom were ex-journalists — long-term Liberal feminist Pru Goward and the member for Newcastle, the ALP’s Jodi McKay — with Greens activist Cate Faehrmann.

PM’s macho social agenda has balls but no heart

Yesterday the Women’s Budget statement was released. It’s a paean of praise for the virtues of hard work and economic participation, like so much of the rest of the budget, as the paragraphs below show (my bold).

The next Hundred Years

Speech by Eva Cox at Museum of Sydney, Women's Day 2011 eva.cox@uts.edu.au 20/03/2011

Call Me Whatever The Hell You Want

Feminism, not religion, is at the heart of controversy about Melinda Tankard Reist. Who decides who gets to use the f-word?



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