Too little too late on Newstart, Bill and Albo — you had the evidence to act

Labor leadership contenders Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese had the evidence proving their cuts to Newstart were unfair. Their support for increasing parental support now is cold comfort.

The belated acknowledgement by the two Labor leadership contenders that cutting single-parent payments had been a mistake is sad — they should have fixed it a few months ago while they still had the power.

Smarter budget cuts? Government to target the usual suspects

With the federal budget in the next week, there is the usual jockeying for headlines by various groups. The interest groups include those who want more for their constituency and those who are scared they may lose some benefits or privileges. It seems that the more powerful the groups are, the less likely they are to have their government support cut.

Menus and cleavage aside

Forget all the nonsense about sexist menus and cleavage. On what actually matters for women — pay, retirement income, parental leave — both parties score poorly

Cox to Gillard: take gender distractions off the menu

Feminist scholar Eva Cox argues the Women for Gillard campaign is a divisive distraction — and the Prime Minister’s attacks on Tony Abbott over abortion are a “red herring”.

How our super steals from the poor to give to the rich

Yes, they can be upsetting and distressing. But anti-abortion protesters have as much right to demonstrate outside a clinic as anyone else — that’s what free speech is.

Welfare and families: has Labor screwed over the poor?

Missing: true Labor values and an acceptance that structural barriers create poverty and disadvantage. It’s time for the ALP to stop blaming and short-changing individuals.

Let’s acknowledge Abbott’s parental leave plan is better

A campaign to stop planned cuts to sole parent payments is aiming at the government’s vulnerable underbelly in its bid for a UN Security Council seat. Harming Australia’s image may be justified.

When did ‘Labor values’ become John Howard’s values?

The baby bonus is gone and the record of this Labor government robbing from the poor is a profoundly disappointing one. There wasn’t much for those struggling in the federal budget

In defence of anti-abortion protesters’ right to free speech

Super tax concessions are rich people’s welfare, and those protesting against reform are just protecting their own interests. When will a government have the guts to rein in these subsidies for the wealthy?


The media release the minister should’ve written on the NT Intervention

The following is a draft alternative media release for Jenny Macklin (and what she should have said as a response to the current consultation rather than harping on about truancy and grog!).


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