New intervention proposals … same old, same old

A new consultation process on more intervention proposals does not please the many critics of the current version’s costly failures.  The government’s discussion paper, Stronger futures in the NT, sets severe limits on the topics to be discussed and the issues to be raised.

Questions Gillard should ask in Alice Springs, but probably won’t

1. What is the hard evidence that our interventions over the past four years have improved the well being of children here?

2. Why does the latest implementation report show that school attendance is down in the NT, despite income management and more teachers?

Gillard’s preaching doesn’t offer salvation for unemployed

By citing lack of responsibility and no sense of obligation as their character flaws, Prime Minister Gillard grossly ignores the evidence that the problem with unemployment is as much, or maybe more, a demand side problem as the fault of the unfortunate supply side of underused labor.

When tax sends a powerful message of official values

Taxation is an essential part of our support for the public sphere. What is taxed and what is exempted are powerful message of official values and goals. A tax system should fund those services we value as universal entitlements rather than private purchases.

Problems with pushing new coercive employment policies

Beware the welfare policy areas when we get bi-partisanship. Abbott, Gillard and Swan are all singing from the same songbook, that more people needed in the workforce. Coerce those on welfare, persecute those with disabilities, induce older workers, do whatever it takes to get more than a million extra people into the job market to fill the demands of the labour market.

PM’s macho social agenda has balls but no heart

Yesterday the Women’s Budget statement was released. It’s a paean of praise for the virtues of hard work and economic participation, like so much of the rest of the budget, as the paragraphs below show (my bold).

The next Hundred Years

Speech by Eva Cox at Museum of Sydney, Women's Day 2011 20/03/2011


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