Sole Parents Are Not A Workforce

Labor's cuts to parenting payments are supposed to get sole parents back into the workforce. Unfortunately, evidence suggests they'd rather suffer poverty and spend more time with their kids.

Lining up the priorities of the Government

Perhaps more important than ‘who gets what’ is ‘what gets given’ in the first Ministry of Julia Gillard’s new government. Eva Cox considers what some of the changes might signal about the new government’s policy priorities, particularly regarding its social agenda.


Limited choice has made for a confusing outcome

Australia has voted and the results are still difficult to interpret. Eva Cox, steps back to take a look at what our options as voters really were and what the take home lessons for our political leaders should be if they want an improved campaign and outcome next time.


It’s NOT Fair: An Election Social Policy Assessment

Discussions about the social issues that have always seemed to be an important part of politics have dropped off the agenda during this election

The Rudd Christmas Bonus: Populism or evidence based policy?

Eva Cox AO outlines her response to the Rudd Government’s announcement of a $4.8 billion dollar pension relief package which was announced as part of the October 14 2008 recession bailout. The

Mean tests: middle class welfare or redistributive fairness?

There is a current pre-budget flurry of name calling about certain types of payments which
involves elements of gender bias and of moral panic. The term ‘middle class
welfare’ is being hurled at a comparatively small range of payments such as the
baby bonus and some family payments

If Labor’s serious about fairness, it should reconsider welfare policies

One of the most obvious inconsistencies in the budget was the government’s claims for an egalitarian redistribution approach while proposing $60 per week income cut for 100,000 sole parents.

Punch and Judy show knocks policy to the wayside

What is a soap opera without a hero and heroine? Will she do it? Will he ask? This time it is hard to find a hero, let alone a heroine.


Does new evidence from NT women undermine supposed benefits of income management?

The stated intentions of the income management program, as part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response and the more recent revived program, were clearly aimed at better family functioning. Some surveys and statistics are quoted by the government to support the program and its various extensions but these give no statistically valid indicators  of  recipient benefits.


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