Feminist options: revive the Social Contract and fix the trust deficit.

So the ALP lost the election and everyone has a post mortem explanation of what went wrong (eg Ian Macaulay: it’s the economy)or what needs to be the future focus (Albo: It’s jobs, we are here for the workers). Yet the big story should be how voters reflected increasing distrust

Creeping spread of income management must be challenged

One of the bizarre bipartisan policy overlaps between the Coalition and Labor is in the area of income support known as welfare payments. Labor has been seen as the party that cared about the poor and disadvantaged, but the former ALP government adopted and extended a range of the Howard government’s paternalistic and punitive measures.

Smarter budget cuts? Government to target the usual suspects

With the federal budget in the next week, there is the usual jockeying for headlines by various groups. The interest groups include those who want more for their constituency and those who are scared they may lose some benefits or privileges. It seems that the more powerful the groups are, the less likely they are to have their government support cut.

Closing the Gap: we know what works, so why don’t we do it?

The disappointing data that regularly appears in Closing the Gap reports should raise serious questions about policy development and funding processes.

NT intervention … why it just didn’t work

Mal Brough, creator of the Northern Territory intervention, declared last Saturday that it was a failure,  Jenny Macklin, not surprisingly, denies failure and claims it is both proceeding and succeeding.

Abbott Will Cut Deeper Than The ALP

Neither the ALP nor the Coalition are giving the voter who cares about social fairness - not just jobs and money - much to go on

When did ‘Labor values’ become John Howard’s values?

The baby bonus is gone and the record of this Labor government robbing from the poor is a profoundly disappointing one. There wasn’t much for those struggling in the federal budget

Will You Accidentally Vote For Hanson?

Voters who don't understand optional preferential voting in the upper house may inadvertently help the extreme right parties get a berth.


Accepting Refugees Is Good Business

If Chris Bowen and the ALP really want to do the right thing on asylum seekers, they should put people smugglers out of business. Some ideas on how to get started



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