Aboriginal Issues

It Started With The Intervention

Conditional welfare is now being rolled out across the NT and there's talk of a national scheme. When did this transformation of welfare take place

Macklin Ignores Intervention Evaluation

Jenny Macklin claims a recent evaluation shows the NT Intervention is working. In fact, the research she is citing points to myriad problems with the program.

Saying No To The Evidence, Again

The expansion of income quarantining laws defies an overwhelming expert consensus that the policy just doesn't work

Is Anyone Talking About Indigenous Affairs?

Whatever happens in this election, there is little likelihood of any benefit for those Indigenous Australians who do not meet the Gillard formula of hardworking, compliant income earners

Closing the gap. Why not focus on what works?

Eva Cox argues that focusing on what works will help ‘close the gap’ and create better policy for Indigenous Australians

The media release the minister should’ve written on the NT Intervention

The following is a draft alternative media release for Jenny Macklin (and what she should have said as a response to the current consultation rather than harping on about truancy and grog!).

Government remains deaf to the data on income management

If Finance Minister Penny Wong is serious about delivering budget savings to Australians, perhaps she should rethink the government’s commitment to its contentious income management program.

What's data got to do with it? Reassessing the NT intervention

Since its introduction in 2007, there has been much debate over the effectiveness of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) in improving the quality of life in remote indigenous communities. Public discussion on using good evidence for policymaking has so far not encouraged Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin to improve the quality of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) data. Given the failure rate of policymaking in this area, these data deficits are problematic.

How to continue bad indigenous policy-making

There was little coverage in the general media of the Senate Community Affairs Committee’s report on the Stronger Futures legislation package, tabled on March 14. This is not surprising on one level, as most indigenous policy issues tend to be seen as too hard, unless they lend themselves to shock horror disaster coverage.


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